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Anybody know where Sir Harry Flashman is?

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Ol Gabe:
Hello all you Old Timers from the CASLine!
As the post above requested info on former Posse members, it got me to thinkin' about Sir Harry Flashman who used to post fairly regularly on multiple CAS-type forums.
Anyone have an update? He always supplied interesting data and comments. I do miss his missives.
Best regards and good reading!
'Ol Gabe

Marshal Halloway:

Last active on this forum in April 2017.

Major 2:
I recall he & his wife were having medical problems


River City John:
Sadly, his wife passed.

I have not heard any further news.


Professor Marvel:
His wife's ALS got really bad ~ 2015

see here for the last updates

and here for what he's up to now

hope this helps
prof marvel


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