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Marshal Halloway:
Hey folks!

Years and years ago, we had a business directory on listing some of the popular companies and businesses.

I am building a new one now and need your help both if you're a customer or a business owner.

If you own a business large or small, register your business on the following page:

For all others, share on this thread any vendor/business who is your favorite go to place in any category catering to our needs when it comes to cowboy action, re-enactment, old west hobbies in any shape or form.

Please provide a link to their website, if they have any.

We will work on this directory in the months to come and I would appreciate any input.

Rye Miles:
BarleyCorn Outfitters, Scarlett's Bullets are two that I recommend!

River City John:
3B Shooting Supply
They cater to the Cowboy Shooter!

Oklahoma Tom

5303 FM 2727
Kaufman, Texas 75142
972-932-8688 (fax)



Marshal Halloway:


River City John:
 :) Looks good, Marshal.



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