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Major 2:
Person who can't stop purchasing guns, even though he has enough to supply all of his friends and family in the event of WWIII.
"I was on the road to recovery   :-\  ...not ! 

HI ! "  I'm Major and I'm a  gunoholic " 

I was on the road to recovery, but a detour to the LGS yesterday disrupted almost 11 days cold turkey .... :)

Crow Choker:
Jubal Starbuck once coined it as "NTA"!!!

"Need To Acquire" ;D ;D


I tried Vaccination.  Didn't work.  In fact I had an adverse reaction to the Vaccine.  I was forced to treat the adverse reaction with a new treatment.  That entailed a new Pietta.  I've given up on those Faux medical miracle claims.

Soon as I start suffers the sweats and shakes I immediately hustle to my LGS.  Works every time.


Kent Shootwell:
There's hope for all of us! I have found that being on a small fixed income has mostly cured my addiction. So as a sevice to those still suffering I will except all your excess money to hold for you. At any time you feel the need for a gun fix you may petition me and a detrimation will be forthcoming. It?s a heavy load to bear and I don't take this responsible lightly so send cash only promptly. I will get set up with a PO box in a nearby town for the safe handling of funds.

Silver Creek Slim:
I've found that going to the local "toy store" to look does not help.



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