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Marshal Halloway:

Click on image for some good starting points in getting involved in the action.

The Marshall has included some of the best information to help new folks get started in this fun sport!

Big John Denny:
You're right on target yet again Marshal. I read Capt. Baylor's handbook on line before I went to my first shoot. It helped a lot.


Fresh off the stage......
As a former IPSC shooter, I think I've found a new "home."
I used to build my own "flat-side .45s'" from the frame up and re-work my S&W 586s'.
I loaded all my own ammo.
It used to be fun..........."bring what 'yer shootin" long as it was centerfire.
Iron sights was what real men were shootin' and ladies too.
That all changed when everyone went "Luke Skywalker." Now it was custom guns at $3500 and
Aim Points and such.
Gone were the the days of the good 'ole boys and their iron sights.
KISS=Keep It Simple Stupid.
Now I need to scratch my head and figger what I'll be needin' fer shootin' irons!
Yeah.....I'm home agin'

I remember back last March, when I had no guns, no clothes, and no surplus of cash to rush out & pick up everything I needed. I found this place while trying to put "Dark Black" together from childhood "Dodge City" dreams.

Lots of great, useful info here.

One thing I'd like to take the time to emphasize for "newbies" is to never pass a resale shop without scouting it for cowboy clothes. I've found some great shirts that are quite period correct for a song, and I've even found wool vests with lapels and bracers all for a fraction of what any cowboy vendor would ask for the same gear. What happens many times is that someone will get a piece of clothes for a gift & it looks to costumy or too cowboy for them so they donate it.

I recently found a satin vest with a fancy gambler pattern that was too small for me, but it was only $3.00!!! I bought it anyway, photographed it, posted it on eBay, sold it for $20, bought a box of bullets, two packs of primers, and still had enough left for a cup of coffee (real coffee, of course, not that $10 a mug Starmuck's Crapacino stuff)! I'm all set for the next shoot (in April!) thanks to the resale shops.

If it weren't for this single, dollar saving tip, I certainly wouldn't be able to afford to look the part . . . and my wife says I dress like a dandy! I told her she'd better smile when she says that.

Stay Good,


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