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pinto bean:
probably the wrong place,but as i am computer challenged-please bear with me.i live abt 10 miles south of denton,tx. ther apparently is not a cas club within 100 miles. how difficult would it be to form a club? i'm sure that there are interested shooters in the dfw area.

also,there's cas,sass ,etc. what do you need to belong to in order to go shoot in a match?

trail boss

Doc Neeley:
Howdy Trail Boss. All you need to go to a match is guns and ammo and a cowboy hat. People welcome new shooters.
Regarding starting a club, the hardest part is getting the range. To be a SASS affiliated club, you should contact them with questions, but basically you will need insurance (as low as $750 per year) and, if SASS affiliated, name them on the policy. Again call SASS.
Go to shoots and meet folks. They will be more than helpful. My closest place to shoot is 75 miles and I just carpool with another shooter.
Good luck.

Russ T Chambers:
Trail Boss
The first thing you need is insurance.  Then a range that will allow CAS style shooting.  Then you need targets,  Steel just doesn’t grow on trees. 
What got Roop County Cowboy Shooters Association going was a small group of likeminded people that were willing to commit to getting the club going.  We did it with a group we call the “Founding Fathers”.  They came up with the funds to get everything we needed ,
Put flyers out at local gun stores asking if there is an interest in forming a club, and the go from there.


Trail Boss, there is a good club about 60 miles from you in Greenville Texas.

All of the Texas SASS clubs are listed here,

Most any of these folks would be glad to help start a club if you want to.

Texas Lawdog:
Trail Boss there used to be one in Cleburne and one in Glen Rose.


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