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Fred Dodge / Wyatt Earp look-a-like

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I have had this page from a 30+ year issue of Guns magazine as an office decor, and always admired it because it is a picture of the Fred Dodge / Wyatt Earp Colt SAA that used to reside in the John Bianchi collectio. The gun always struck a note for me, so I decided to built myself a replica of it. What do you think?

Major 2:
Nice work, what is the donor gun ?

Kent Shootwell:
The metal looks like a good copy, the grips look fresh out of the box.

The original bad bob:
Looks awesome!

I remember reading an article on that pistol in a gun publication a long time ago... That pistol started off as a 7-1/2” barreled gun and some Smith of the era shortened it to 5” which was typical for that time... It also dispelled the myth that Wyatt carried a “buntline” Colt with a 10” barrels ( I believe this was a fantasy from the mind of Stewart Lake)

There is something very special about the 19th century colt saa’s... the heavily beveled cylinders, cone firing pins, the screw that held in the base pin... I guess it comes down to Victorian era hand made craftsmanship... like the carpentry work of that era.

Very nice eye for detail.

Donor gun is a Taylor's & Co. antiqued finish, Colt grips were heavily "worn and distressed".   :)

Click on picture to magnify.



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