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Pietta Cavalry Model?

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cpt dan blodgett:
I ordered a 5.5 inch cattleman from uberti (Taylors) a while back that was out of stock and backordered.  Like the next day I got an email one of the 2 had arrived and was being shipped.  They never know what is coming in when.  Appears every shipment is a surprise.  Strange way to run a business but...  Still waiting on the twin brother perhaps I should cancel my order as I got an older 5.5 inch cattleman in 44-40 off the sasswire for $410 shipped that functions just fine and looks ok.


 :) Capt. Blodgett  ;)

Yep.  Does seem a bit odd.  But.  In the decades I have played this game and been a Gunplumber to the stars, atz how it's been.  NONE of the importers actually know what is coming until they get their invoice as the Container (use to be Crate) comes thru Customs.

People are Still Hazardous to Yer Health

Well, maybe a little before that.  Cimarron would get an email from Uberti when they sent a shipment, listing what was in the shipment.  They shipped by air, so didn't take long for the shipping.  Then the goods stayed in customs for a random amount of time, days or weeks.  When cleared, Cimarron would send someone with a trailer to the Austin airport (about 100 miles) to pick up the pallets.  So, they would know what was coming maybe a couple weeks in advance.


Jake MacReedy:
I remember those days, Abilene!  Remember when you, Loose Cannon Lou and I went through the "attic" in the warehouse, cataloging the remaining ASM Schofields?


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