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Pietta Cavalry Model?

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Gentlemen, Does Pietta make a Great Western II in a U.S. martial pistol?  I see The Last Stand model, but can't find much information on it.

I don't know about GW-II's but Pietta makes a 7th Cavalry for Cimarron.  Been a while since I saw one, and it had some but not all the markings that the Uberti has.

Cimarron's website isn't real good at saying who builds some of their stuff.  Everything seems to be out of stock right now anyway.

Yeah, their website is a bit of a mess.  Big hint:  any model number that starts with PP is a Pietta.  MP, CA prefixes (and a few others) are Uberti.  So the Pietta 7th Cavalry is PP514M00 and the Uberti is CA514M00 (the M00 means military).  My charcoal blue Uberti 7th Cav is a CA514C00M00.

You could always put one on backorder (no obligation) while you keep looking.

Good information!  Thanks!  (I'm on the notification list now.  Not holding my breath..........)



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