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cpt dan blodgett:

--- Quote from: cpt dan blodgett on May 21, 2022, 11:09:35 PM ---Made it to the range and did some load testing all went well something like 15 rounds down range, thought ok this is a keeper.  Fast fwd about a month and I attempted to shoot my first match with said pistole.  4 Stages great.  Stage 5 first round in cylinder Bang next for nothing.  Ground pistol pull second a $410 shipped uberti cattleman with new model frame 5 rounds bang.  Stage six fire the $419 shipped used pistole 5 bangs, pull the New Uberti Bang Click click click click.  Pretty obvious the floating firing pin is not functioning as it should.  Started the return for warranty work from Taylors.  In the mean time have given gun a good cleaning and will attemp to fire some more rounds in the next few days.

--- End quote ---

I did the good cleaning and just fired 50 rounds with no problem, I am thinking a bit of grit got into the firing pin hole in the frame and was stopping the firing pin from fully protruding resulting in light primer strikes.  The 50 rounds that just functioned flawlessly were all loaded at the same time using same settings on all the dies and primer seater that the light primer strike rounds were produced.  Looks like it may well be a keeper.


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