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Annoyed by a Uberti

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Picked up a Uberti 1873 5 1/2" .44-40 a while back because it was just GORGEOUS, the CCH was just beautiful. Today was the first day I took it to the range and it is misbehaving badly. Will not turn to full lock when loaded, needing a twist on the cylinder to fully set. I suspect the hand/pawl is the culprit. Gonna tear it down this weekend and check for burrs, etc. Anybody got any suggestions for any thing else to look for?

Black River Bill:
Be careful not to lose the tiny screw and/or spring that puts pressure on the hand.  Ask me how I know.

Kent Shootwell:
Any chance of high primer? You said “when loaded” it needs help to turn.

Hadn't considered high primers as the stuff I was shooting was from Choice Ammo and ran perfectly in my Vaquero. I will go look at the remaining stuff.

First thing to do before you go all nuts is to remove the cylinder and drop a round into each chamber.  If they are not freely dropping into the cylinder all the way to the rim your ammo is the problem.  .44-40 varies all over the map as far as chamber size.  Your bullets could be to large for the throat.  Also it is very common for the dies not to be setting the shoulder back far enough when the rounds are resized.  Out of four sets of .44-40 dies I have had to have the sizing die shorted by about .060" so they could be screwed far enough down to set the shoulder back.



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