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What shotguns can be used for wild bunch? I have a Remington Model 10 and a Winchester model 12 16 gauge. Would either of them be acceptable?

Sorry Galen, but no.

Legal are the '97 (including Trench gun), the Chinese '93-97, and Model 12.  Only 12 Ga is legal.  Having said that, local clubs often relax the rules to get people to participate, so you might check with them.

Dusty Boddams:
G, I would bet Abilene is right. While neither one is legal I bet at the first few monthly’s they would let you use that model 12.

Thats sad a chinese made shotgun is legal but an American made shotgun with ties to the U.S. military is not. Oh well.

It's just me, but I think any 20ga or higher, safe, pre1918, repeating shotgun should be allowed.  I would open up the pistol choices as well... I'll let my self out now ;)



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