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Baltimore Ed:
A 200 gr rnfp runs in all my .45s. Try a tubbs flat recoil spring, they have more coils and feel softer to me.

My wife tried the 200g bullets and says to make pf they have more recoil than 230's.


Basically recoil and function in a 1911 is a balance based on the mainspring, the recoil spring, the powder charge, and the bullet weight.  Too much powder and too little spring will damage your frame.  To little powder or too much spring and it won't cycle.  If I knew anymore about numbers and such, I'd be a great smith.

Later :'( :'(

Dirty Dick:
What is the power factor for Wild Bunch?  Curious minds want to know.  ???

Baltimore Ed:

I do find it odd that the PF gets so much consideration in WB whereas in the rest of CAS, it is basically ignored, bullets bouncing off of steel targets and even wooden props.
PJ, I agree but if you say the ‘g’ word the folks who use those primer powered loads get all twitchy and defensive. Try one of the Tubbs 1911 flat springs in your wife’s pistol. They have more coils being flat so the compression is spread out over a longer spring. If she doesn’t like it I’ll buy it from you.



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