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--- Quote from: Dirty Dick on December 04, 2020, 01:29:23 PM ---What is the power factor for Wild Bunch?  Curious minds want to know.  ???

--- End quote ---

150.  Example: 200gr bullet at 750 fps is 150.  Rulebooks are here:

In working with new shooters, I've noticed that they equate the intensity of the report to the amount of recoil.  Titegroup is a very loud powder.  Therefore, I feel it is a bad choice for the recoil sensitive shooter who may already have a problem with flinching.  Many of us have come to the same 'resting place' -- 4 grains of WST beneath a 230 grain round nose is the preferred load for minimizing recoil and noise, yet consistently meeting power factor. 

You really need access to a chronograph to play Wild Bunch.

Who sells the Tubbs 1911 recoil springs--did not show on his website or a couple others i tried.

Baltimore Ed:
There is a wilson 1911 flat spring listed on midway usa, don’t see any on the tubbs site. Guess he stopped making them. Give it a try and I’ll do the same deal with you. Btw, I also run the flat springs in my ARs for the same reason plus they eliminate the annoying ‘sproing’ sound that round springs create.

Doc Holloman:
My Springfields run well with a 17 pound spring and 230gr coated bullets in front of 4gr of Clays



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