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Capt Quirk:
I just got the military 45, and was truly amazed at how much it was like the service pistol I had to qualify with. The only issue, is that the finish is kinda thin. I picked up a scratch on the slide on day one, and it is wearing thin in places after only a week.

Wound up trading for a 5" ATI a couple months ago. Lightly used, I stuffed a new Wolff recoil spring in it and it runs like a scalded cat. These are good, solid guns with the machining done in the right places.

Mine has become my main match gun in WB. I also own Colts, Rugers and a couple of Kimbers.

Reviving this thread somewhat, but the sights on the ATI are just a bit higher than mil-spec and can be seen easier.

Tuolumne Lawman:
I have heard good things about ATI, but we haven't been able to get any at our gun shop.  I ended up with a Rock Island 1911A1 parkerized one for Wild Bunch.  Very nice.  Shoots great out of the box.  I'm actually writing an article about it for the Cowboy Chronicle.



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