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Capt Quirk:
Nice gun with a cheap finish.

Baltimore Ed:
I like my nickel Cimarron 1911 very much except for the narrow hammer and non GI controls it came with, replaced them with GI stuff and now it’s looking right. But I also picked up a Thompson Auto Ordnance 1911 to go with my 1927 Thompson sbr build, nice big sights. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the ATI.


--- Quote from: Capt Quirk on May 18, 2021, 04:15:44 PM ---Nice gun with a cheap finish.

--- End quote ---

Polish and blue by Ford Plating is cheap?

Major 2:
Polish and blue by Ford Plating is first rate
and it shows


 :)  Whoah  ;)

That consignment 1911 shows an amazingly fantastic finish.  Yum Yum.

Play Safe Out There

The Nickel finish 1911s from Cimarron were/are also very nice.



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