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Can anyone tell me the quality of the 1911's distributed by American Tactical Imports?

Seems to be a good gun. Has a pretty stiff trigger pull. Chamber is a little tight so its a little picky on ammo. Overall a good gun for the price. wM1

Major 2:
Gets good praise ... I have the Cimarron , I can't find fault with it

I have one in a Commander size. Fantastic gun. My gunsmith looked it over and was very impressed.

Thanks for the reply's..............I looked over one at the local gun shop and the machine work by the manufacture, SAM Inc. Philippines, is impressive.......very close mil spec. tolerances, 4140 steel, nice even parkerized finish (but I understand it is thin and not too durable)...........compared it to a Rock Island which are made by Armscorp.........the ATI is much tighter and cleaner..funny that the gun dealer stated the ATI's are at the bottom of the barrel in 1911's..didn't want to argue that point as he might raise his prices....just wish they made one in a polished blue finish like the Cimarron Guns by Armscorp.




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