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Tuolumne Lawman:
Howdy to the fire.

Just went to the annual Plainfield Raid put on by the River City Regulaors in Davis, CA.  Had a great time.  As it would happen, the brass front sight fell out of my Uberti Henry on the first stage.  I shot it clean, but the targets were big and close, so I just point shot at them.

I excused myself from the posse, an back to the Suttler's row where ther famous (or infamous) Tex Jack Lehman, gunsmith and engraver, was set up.  I left the Henry with him, aranging for him to replace the departed front sight with a piece of Mexican Peso.  I returned to the posse, already starting the next stage, and explained my plight to the posse leader.  I told him that I would just have to use my original 1860 .56-56 Spencer as a main match rifle until Frank got the Henry fixed (probably just this one stage).  It was fine with the posse, though I voluntarily took a procedural since I could only shoot the three large targets of the 5 rifle targets.  The other two were small, and the 375 grain slug at 1150-1200 FPS would know them into oblivion.

To make a long story short, the Spencer performed admirably and flawlessly, shooting the stage clean.  Having done a lot of Spencer shooting lately, I surprised even myself on how quickly (relatively speaking, of course) I effected

Tuolumne Lawman:

Hit enter too soon.

As I was saying, I surprised myself how fast I even effected a three round reload through the magazine on the clock to finish the ten shots!  I then got the Henry back from Lehman just in time for the next stage.

 At the end of the day, three or four of the pards just had to try the old Spencer.  Everyone loved it!

Two Flints:

After the pards got done "fondling" your Spencer, I hope you told them about our Spencer Shooting Society. 

Two Flints


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