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The Gun Report magazine- some great reading material


Two Flints:

I have been looking for reading material about the Spencer Repeating Rifle and sent away for the index to "The Gun Report " magazine. The index covers the years from June 1955-May 1990. I found about 10 articles dealing with the Spencer, so I ordered the back issues that had the articles for $5.00 each.

In looking through the index, I discovered quite a bit of information (articles) about my other favorite firearm,  the Smith & Wesson revolver(s),  and especially the Schofield, so if you're a reader like me, you might want to pick up the index and see what's there. There are articles on every kind of firearms,  whatever strikes your fancy, lots of CAS reading too,, too numerous to list. The lady to contact is Patti Clawson and her Email address is gunrprt@winco.net You will have to order the index first in order to know what's available. The index is about $20.00, as I remember. Just thought you'd like to know.  Patti is quick to send the material out.  Great service!

Two Flints


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