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Tuolumne Lawman:

I found the original manual or arms for the Spencer rifle online and free. at:


I downloaded it and printed it out.  I have aa 4" thick binder or everything I could find about Spencers, and the Marcot book.  The manual is a nice addition.

Two Flints:
Thanks T.L.

I, too, have a notebook(s) for my Spencer material.  Also the Marcot book and so many others as I've listed in my topic "Reading Material...."  on this site.  Plus, I'm getting more....any books on the Spencer.

When will it end!!

Two Flints

Tuolumne Lawman:

When it comes to Spencers and Henry rifles, I have a slight touch of obsessive compusive disorder! <ggg>.  My goal is to have every book and magazine article about both.  My main match rifle is a fire blued Henry Military model in .45.  I also had a Taylor's Spencer in .45 Schofield, but that made it impossibl to decide which to use as a main match rifle!  I settled it by getting rid of the Taylor's and getting an original.  That way I can only use the Spencer occasionally!

I am so obsessive about the Henry that I even duplicate original Henry rounds using 45 schofield Brass, a 200 grain bullet, and 28- grains of BP!  It works well in my Open Top and Henry both!

Two Flints:

Have you seen the articles on Spencers in  "The Gun Report" magazine?   I think all together there were about twelve, I believe.

Two Flints

Tuolumne Lawman:
No, I haven't!

I'll make you a deal.  I will send you a list of articlesss from NRA, Gun Collector's, etc that I have, and any you need I will knock off copies and send to you.  I also have excerpts from books.  I'll compose a list for you.

You make a list and let me know what you have, etc.



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