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Two Flints:
I can only show two photos at a time within a post, so I'll be adding additional photos in subsequent posts that follow this one.  I'd like to make this a "LOOK ONLY" topic.  Please no replies.  If you want to contact me about the photos for any reason send me a personal message or Email.  Thanks, 

Two Flints

Photo of ten tube Blakeslee (Quickloader);

Print of two Cavalry soldiers with Spencer Carbine;


Two Flints:
Christopher Miner Spencer (1833-1922) -  Our Founding Father; Inventor of the Spencer
Repeating Firearm.

General James H. Wilson   Adopted the Spencer as the primary weapon for his mounted
 troops.  His decision to employ the Spencer increased the fighting effectiveness of the
US Cavalry, as never before, in the Civil War.


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