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Two flints
   I am now registered and as per you e-mail instructions I am letting you know.  Also if anyone out there wants to use a Spencer for reenacting here is an article about it you might find useful.

Two Flints:

How about some recommendations for sources of equipment that would work with Spencers...for example the Blakeslee Cartridge holder.  I know there are several places where repros can be purchased, but is one better quality than another, or all the same.  Wh makes the best repro?

I just picked up a  carbine sling with swivels that is similar to many photos I have seen.  Buying on the internet and getting something that is authentic looking is difficult.  What about the Blakeslee - who is a good source?

Two Flints

I am glad that those of you that have read my article have enjoyed it, it was a labor of love.
As far as the Blakeslee box goes….Your standard Blakeslee box had some inherent problems.  First the six tube version just could not carry enough ammunition to make it practical and the 13 tube version was way too heavy.  Second it was awkward and tended to flop around a lot.  Third and probably the biggest problem was that in high humidity the wood block would swell and the tubes would stick making them impossible to get out of the box.  I know that this is a problem because I have encountered it with my box, that is why for blanks I went to paper tubes.
But if you want a good box with good stitching and good leather than the ones that Romano has are the best.  They are made by Bob Stanley a guy from Niagara Falls that has been doing leather work for over 50 years and he knows what he is doing.  He uses high quality leather and 4 cord linen thread with a special wax coating, the formula for which he copied from the official records specifications.  Most of my leather gear comes from Bob and I am extremely happy with it.

Two Flints:

How about prices for the ones made by Bob S.  And do you order through Romano directly?  Do you know how his Blakeslees compare with the ones made by:  http://www.CivilWarLeather.com?  Just curious.

Two Flints

Arizona Trooper:
Jim Kenner and I developed the ones Civil War Leather is selling. In fact, I still carry the prototype. Larry Romano's boxes are made to the original patent drawings, Jim's are made after the production version. The difference is in the top hinge and latch. Jim and I spent a lot of time in the Arizona Historical Society basement measuring and photographing originals for all of his reproductions. He is a real craftsman.

The Blakslee is a pain on horseback! You have to get it on just right or it winds up getting between your behind and the back of the saddle (assuming you are riding a McClellan). Not comforatable, especially at a trot or canter! It's almost impossible to get the strap adjusted so that the box is supported when mounted, and not too tight when dismounted. I can imagine that a lot of Blakslees got strapped to the cantle right next to the saber that the trooper was also supposed to be wearing.

Dismounted it works very well. At one N-SSA national, shooting a '60 rifle, I fired 8 rounds, got 6 hits, had reloaded from the Blakslee and was drawing aim on the last target when someone else got it. All in 45 seconds!     



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