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Who is the best shooter ever?

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--- Quote from: 45 Dragoon on March 14, 2021, 02:48:11 PM ---    Gotta agree with Abilene!! If the Russian takes more than a second to aim,  Jerry would have 8 shots in the target!!  Or in 1.6 sec., 2 shots ea in 4 torso targets !!!
 (I'll stick with the American!!)


--- End quote ---

Then he could make 5 shots, hit the 10 score, 4 “ wide, in 4 seconds, one hand, 25 meters, no optics, as they do in Rapid fire pistol and do it 60 times...until you get 593 points ( maximum 600).

I want to see Miculek doing that. Just a mistake of 1mm in sights alignments and you will get a “zero”.

They should hire him, as a trainer.

Lets see...the record here is 593 points by German Ralf Schumann,,,,,it means that “this monster”, hit the 10 ring area in 99% of the occasions....remember..the hit area is 4 1/4 “ wide....just try to do it in 4 seconds...if you can’t do it, watch Miculek’s videos, whose advices in target shooting will let you do it,

Keith Sanderson is probably one of the best shooters in the USA..but is virtually unknown. You will learn a lot more with him about shooting, than with Miculek. His discipline is just the pure fundamentals of shooting, pure accuracy,  plus speed, and one can’t be without the other.

5:28 minute,,,.Keith Sanderson doing a “50”...

No money here, no sponsors, no circus, no tv, no hall of fame, no gun magazines...just the pure fundamentals of shooting.

Kim Rhode!

Ragnar Skanaker....the Swede.

He wrote several books about target shooting...  2  well known are “pistol shooting” and “master competitive pistol shooting” ...he set for years the World record in standard pistol.åker

Who is the greatest matador ever?  Of course it is not Manolete (with barely over 1,000 kills), or Luis Miguel Dominguin of the flashy costumes (with more than 3,500 kills before he was 30, he was at best an amateur), or even Juan José Padilla or Enrique Ponce.  Rather, it is Davey Krauskopf. 

At a Texas packing plant, without la cuadrilla, using not spears or little flags or swords but a Green River sticking knife (possibly, the most deadly and efficient knife made), he slit the throats of 85 bulls a day (five days a week--and 35 on Saturday!) for 28 years, never missing, and without ever being gored!

No other matador has ever achieved this--almost 670 thousand errorless kills, a record that will likely never be matched, let alone exceeded.  No fame, no sponsors, no costumes, no circus, no showers of flowers from adoring fans. . . just the pure fundamentals of killing bulls.

What's that you say?  Bullfighting has little in common with slaughtering livestock?  But anyone not a fool can see that there is more in common there than between ISSF competition does with IPSC/ICORE/Bianchi Cup. 

 :DYou missed the one gives a damn for Bulls figthing in Spain...only in the south and for tourists. And Pamplona, near Basque Country.

They say it is one of the most boring shows in the World...and I believe them, Flamenco music sucks too. I am not  Andalusian..

Maybe ISSF has more to do with the fundamentals of shooting while IPSC has more to do with fun and games.

In my experience, practicing both, IDPA gives more training for self defense than  IPSC...IDPA helps to improve as a general shooter while IPSC does not neccesarily...and It is totally unrealistic, nothing to do with real combat scenarios and situations....while ISSF is good for everything if complemented with instict shooting.

Maybe Jeff Cooper did more harm than good in the shooting sports..thougth later in his life he rejected what IPSC had became.

Interesting that the best knives ( most efficient and most deadly) were invented in the USA...specially when it is a tool that humans have been using since the bronze ages.

here some photos I took while visiting armeria real in Madrid, from the XVI century....really deadly.....Vilnius national museum (IX century) and Prague private museum..( clones of cezch and Italian knives from the Middle Ages).....and finally a traditional rural Spanish knive ..

They surely did and do cut and are/ were extremly deadly thougth it is obvious that not as much as the Green River knife.



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