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Who is the best shooter ever?

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--- Quote from: G Bulldog Grainisland III on March 19, 2021, 08:27:19 AM ---^
Average police officer not hitting torso at 12 meters?
In your neck of the woods???
Not in mine, and don't think so for most of world's LEO's.
While not an LEO, I do think your claim is borderline insulting.

I think average police officer will hit torso at 12 meters just fine.
To do that when the guy is shooting back is another kettle of fish. A two-way conversion with firearms is not rapid fire at range or an IPSC stage.

That has not that much to do with 'bull eyes skill good' or 'Cooper and practical shooting bad' if you ask me.


--- End quote ---

Not with one shot,,,the average hitting rate in police combat situations is around 15%...that’s why so many rounds fired in the average encounter.

PJ Hardtack:

--- Quote from: llanerosolitario on March 19, 2021, 08:36:47 AM ---Are you sure ? London, Canada.

--- End quote ---

I nailed you, didn't I? You are the Spanish Troll that raised so much sh!t here a few years back with the same message until you got shut down.

The incident in the video took place in London, ENGLAND, Not Canada.

Please -keep your ill-informed opinions to yourself. No one cares and we are not your audience for airing them.

 No sir, it is London Canada. I lived in London for a time...UK police cars are Volvos and BMWS with a different colour patron.

It seems to me that Jeff Cooper is untouchable for some people....but only in the Us, of course. In the rest  of the World he was never highly regarded...except maybe in the English speaking World.

Another video....not all fights are at close distances...and good bulls eye training can be useful in situations like this distances of 20 meters or more.

By the way, police officers aiming at each other, putting themselves in the line of fire, standing behind  their mates and aiming at the head level....a terrible training.

Marshal Halloway:
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