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Who is the best shooter ever?

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Of course is not J. Miculek, but russian shooter Mikhail Nestruev one has reached or beaten his World record in Centerfire pistol ISSF...594 points, 60 rounds, 600 Maxim points theorically possible....all with a 40 years old Toz 49 revolver, possibly, the most accurate wheel gun in the his 29  Golds in International competitions in Free pistol (50 meters one hand held pistol in 22 lr) and 10 meters air gun.

Lets say that this guy was able to consecutively punch holes 99% of the time,  in a 2” inch area, 60 times, one hand held, no optics, at a distance of 25 meters..,...

Toz 49 revolver...probably the most accurate revolver ever made. Some were sold commercially in Europe and still can be found in Cezch Rep and Slovakia.

Hats off colonel, and long live Russia!

45 Dragoon:
Of course is not!! You are much superior to us American's.  Does your precious Russia not have forums like America?  Then you could tell these wonderful things to those that actually give rats ass!    Maybe Russia could make superior revolvers than Italians and Americans could save up much dollars and make Russian company rich with American capitalism dollars!! Please keep posted as too see how much advanced Russians are! Maybe with much luck we can be competitive one day !!!
  (Obviously with tongue placed in check !!)

Long live America Bitches !!!

Mickel  .  .  .  I mean Mike

Well now I guess it depends on how you define "best shooter".   Best at what?  Accuracy, okay sure.  What about speed?  Just as important, depending on the requirements of the particular sport or event.

River City John:
I've always felt that in my world I am the best shooter.
And I am not that good.

 8) ;)

45 Dragoon:
    Gotta agree with Abilene!! If the Russian takes more than a second to aim,  Jerry would have 8 shots in the target!!  Or in 1.6 sec., 2 shots ea in 4 torso targets !!!
 (I'll stick with the American!!)




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