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45 Schofield in 45 Colt

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Marshall Matt Dillon:
Dave, if i bought a set of rcbs cowboy dies in 45 colt that would not work for 45 schofield,,l would get my money back. Schofield is 98% of my shooting in 45, and my rcbs cowboy dies work perfectly.


 :)  BATTER UP !!!   ;)

OK boys and girls, I are UP again.  Firstest, I agree with "others" if my 45 Colt dies won't crimp 45 Schofield, I would be talking harsh with the manufacturer.

Treebeard  :D  And now for Treebeard's questions.  First, there are a bundle of folks out there claiming to "crimp" Cowboy 45 Special with a 45 ACP crimp die, a Taper crimp isn't the "best" method.  A separate crimp dies is recommended.  My personal recommendation is a Redding 45 Auto Rim Crimp die.  Applies a wonderful roll crimp to C45S.  All of the other loading operations can be done with standard 45 Colt dies.  Whoops!! Wait !!  Forgot bullet seating.  Short stubby little case.  I use a 45 ACP seater die with the plug turned around (Different bullet shape).  the other bugaboo is the resize die.  An ACP resize die imparts a slight taper to the case.  Cheats blow-by that does.

Mustang Gregg:
If I got this right, your Schofield crimp/seat dies are too long to crimp the brass?
Can you cut it down?

I might still have a 45 AR seat/crimp die in my box o' misc dies--want to give it a try before shortening a die?

Baltimore Ed:
I’ve shortened dies on a bench belt sander for reloading projects. Don’t mess up a good one though, use a lee.



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