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PJ Hardtack:
I just acquired a 4" Colt Python in immaculate condition for slightly more than half of what it would have cost had it been a 6" model? Colt says it was made in 1991.

Why? Because in Kanuckistan, any gun with a 4" barrel or less is a "prohib" meaning you have to have a 12(6) "grandfathering" licence to own it. I do, but most do not., so it was a sleeper on the market.

Can't wait for it to arrive. Yes, I will shoot it as there is no market for "prohibs" in Canada.

Excellent!  I paid $600 for my 8" nickle model 20 yrs ago.  We await pics!

Bat 2919:
Great guns, I've had deals set up for two different Pythons over the years, neither happened.  The first was in 1975, a 4" for $200, bum agreed to a to a pay day purchase, he had sold it (for more money) when I showed up on pay day with cash in hand.  Second was about 6 or 7 years ago, had a deal on a 6" for $1000, had the money in my pocket and the gun in my hand when the seller decided he just couldn't part with his baby.  I think he still owns it to this day, I can respect that.  Between the two deals I had a Smlot (or Smython) made for me with a 3" Python barrel on a round butt S&W M19 by a great pistol smith.  Not many of them in this world, real fine gun.  Gunsmith still advertises them as one of his signature creations today, I think mine was his first.

Now the bad news, Zoot guns had to be in production by 1949, Colt didn't start selling the Python until 1955.  Still a great gun, enjoy your new baby.

PJ Hardtack:
I had a 6" blued Python in the mid-60s. Sold it to buy my first parachute for free-falling.

Tried to buy it back and the guy refused. Been wanting to replace it ever since.

Sold a blue 4" Python when I got married to pay some bills. It was a fine shooter.



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