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Hunting for Broomhandles

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Lord Eoin MacKenzie:
Gentlepersons.   I used the Lee Dies and data for the 100gr Plinker, for both my Broom and CZ-52,  also the 30 Carbine 110 gr fmj.   

Professor Marvel:
Thanks Lord E.M.

I am printing out all the laod data, in the meantime I have been digging thru my piles o' shite stuff and found 3 boxes of 7.63 mauser,
 2 boxes of .32 ACP HP , four boxes of .38 Spcl "ashtrays" ( hollow base wadcutters loaded backwards) and 6 more boxes of 9mm !!!!!

and one crazy looking box of 70 7.62 something that looks suspiciously chicom

I really need to clean more often.

yup box looked like this:

anybody need chicom tokarev ammunition?

prof marvel

 ;D I dunno...will it run in a Yugo Tokarev?

cpt dan blodgett:

--- Quote from: Zip Wyatt on October 21, 2020, 03:49:38 PM ---Hey Deacon, nice write-up!  Please note that there are records for broomies imported into England by Westley Richards From 1897 to about 1905.  These are conehammers and the first Large Rings but I doubt you'd want to shoot these in a match given their value.  However, the records are fascinating and literally the who's who of British society.   I have two that have a record.  Quite a few were carried in the Boer War by both sides.  Yet another addiction of mine.  The engraved one is very western in its makeup. 


--- End quote ---
Sir Winston carried one and dispatched some devishes there with


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