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Black River Smith:
A lot of people remove the safety flip-lever but has anyone replaced the safety?  If so, was it easy or hard to do?

I want to remove one but concerned that if I do not like the alteration can I return it to original.  Alteration will be my own approach.

Thanks for any comments.

Jeremiah Jones:
One pin to remove to swap safety in/out.  Very easy to remove or replace.  I got my blanking plug from Steve's.


PLUS ONE too Jeremiah    ;D

Use to replace that pesky safety on the top of the bolt frequently.  There is a ball and spring in there so you will want to be careful taking it apart.  Steve's Gunz has a very nice replacement "cap" for the hole.  Quite reversible.

Black River Smith:
I guess the word I should have used instead of 'replaced' was 're-installed' the safety.  I thought the second line clarified the question line.  Sorry if not.

I know that people remove them and put plugs/fillers into the hole.  But the main question was 'has anyone gone back and re-installed the original safety lever'?

How easy is that?


As long as you don't have to chase the small parts, it's about a 10 minute job.  Gun looks a whole lot better without that stupid safety thingie on it.



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