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Two Piece Grips

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Anybody have 2 piece grips on their "clones".

 I would like to have aftermarket grips installed later, but in the meantime I would like to alter my single grips to 2 piece. Anybody know where to buy the screw and estucheons to make single grips? I gues sit would be a simple task to cut the single grip and sand it flat, install  a pin and drill for the screw.


Devil Anse Hatfield:
gunbroker usually has some listed or flea bay .
Wouldnt have to do anything other than drill your small hole all way through. then turn them on edge and run em through the band saw. I wouldnt sand anything. By not sanding them flat you dont have to put a pin in the frame. lightly drill hole for the estucheons .

Major 2:
Midway , has them in a 10 piece pack

I have some around here some place, but I'm curious, and asked the question others may also have... :-\

Why ?  I mean other than removal for cleaning I see no reason , either historical or aesthetics.

inquiring minds want to know  :)

I'm more interested in ease of cleaning. I have another revolver (3td generation Colt) with 2 piece grips and I like the fact I don't have to remove the backstrap to clean the mainspring.

Slowhand Bob:
I would prefer two piece also, though I do like the appearance of one piece.  For the bp shooter who might want to remove the grips for cleaning after each use, all of those grip frame screw heads are bound to show a beating pretty soon.  Something I have considered was covered in an old G&A (?) magazine article many years ago, snap apart grips.  The writer had split the one piece grips, as mentioned above, but instead of installing an estucheon he used fibreglass to install a line 24 snap between the two halves.  The appearance was that of a one piece grip but the disassembly was a simple snap apart. I will try to find the old article the next time I visit the shop and check for any other details if you are interested?



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