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Border Ruffian:
The buttstock screws on, it's not detachable like the 1928 and some of the new Kahr guns.  I didn't like the look of the M1A1 type of buttstock that came on the gun.

I modified all my mags years ago so I kept the catch as it came on the gun, if I had it to do over I'd have modified the catch and left the mags alone.

I suspected that the stock was removable rather than detachable.  The position of the rear screw hole in the stock is further forward that the rear screw on mine.  It looks great, at first glance it looks just like the '21 and '28 versions.


I finally had a chance to get to the range today.  My time was limited, I only put 100 rounds through the 1927a1.  Functioning was flawless, not one failure of any type.  The rifle was shooting 10 inches low at 25 yards using the basic sight with the ladder folded down.  Using the ladder sight at 100 yards, I was able to pick off pieces of clay birds that someone had left on the backstop.  All shooting was off hand.

I did not try the drum, I did not take the time to load it.

I expect to get to the range again this weekend and should have a good bit more time.


I now have 5 20 round mags, I just need to modify the mag catch so that they will lock in place and function.

I'll shoot some before and after photos along with a few in progress shots.  I post a how-to for the modification.


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