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Here are a couple of quick shots of my 1927a1. I have not yet had a chance to get to the range.

I'll post better photos when I get a chance to set up the shots. I'll also have a full range report later.


These are nice. But they look pretty weird with the 16" barrel. I had the M1A model and sold it to a friend when I discovered I couldn't SBR in my state. They are so heavy it's like shooting a .38 wadcutter. Enjoy.


St. George:
I got a Colt M1A1 from an ARVN tanker.

Carried it on a couple of patrols, but it was like having a boat anchor, so I swapped it to one of our pilots, and got a Swedish K, instead.


Scouts Out!

Once I have a chance to verify function, I'll be submitting the paperwork so I can put a 10.5 inch barrel on it.

If you go to their web site, AO offers a SBR model of their 1928 as well as their M1A. I live in NJ and this is not a option for me.




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