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So, anybody interested in...

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...an AZSA match in central Nebraska? I think I could get one put together if there's interest.

Good luck, I hope there is more interest in your area than there seems to be in Indiana.


Border Ruffian:
What part of Nebraska?  I'm near Kansas City.

Stu Kettle:
I'm interested, just not very well equipped for it.

Border Ruffian:

--- Quote from: Stu Kettle on February 16, 2012, 07:49:08 PM ---I'm interested, just not very well equipped for it.

--- End quote ---

You may be O.K. if you have a pre-1950 stlye pistol caliber rifle and handgun 32 ACP or larger are all that's needed.  Lever guns used in CAS would be perfect as would single or double action revolvers.  1920s to 40s clothing and shoes are not much different from a lot of inexpensive work clothes today.  Walmart and thrift shops are a place to look if you need anything.



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