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I'm posting this to gauge interest in forming an Indiana Club.

I have a range in mind and would like to have an idea of the interest in the central Indiana area before I approach them with a proposal.

I have a 1911a1 and will be getting a Thompson 1927a1 when my tax refund arrives.  It should be relatively easy for most of you to gear up, you already have acceptable guns.

Are any of you Indiana members interested?

If so, post in this thread and/or PM me.


Durango Flinthart:
Where in Central IN are you located I'm in SW IN at a wide place in the road called Daylight. I've got the right hardware to play, except for lead loaded rounds semi-autos.  ;D 

Thanks for the interest.

I live in Daleville.

Do you know of a range nearer your are that could host the shoots?  I have a range in mind that allows full auto.  I have not yet contacted the range as I want be fairly sure that it would make for a large enough event to interest them.


Durango Flinthart:
Yes WSSC where the NCOWS National shoot will be held again this summer and Red Brush Rifle Range are both close at hand.

James Hunt:
Well, a bit late to the rodeo here but I am about a four hour drive north and east of Muncie, in southeastern MI. I have gone down to Modoc to shoot in NCOWS and would be willing to drive down for a gangster shoot. Just not much help as I live so far away.



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