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Lead bullets and the Cutts compenstor

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Thanks for the additional information.  I'm working on starting a Club here in Indiana and have a range in mind that should be perfect for hosting the Capers.  The do not allow FMJ but do  allow full auto.

I'll be ordering my Thompson 1927a1 soon, the T1B50D.


i own a 1928 a-1. mine is a real tommy gun. when i got it, the guy who owned it had shot a lot of lead ammo threw it on full auto. i had some lead build up on the compensator vents. i removed it and was suprised to find it was loaded with lead on the inside. it took some really heavy cleaning with a brass brush to clean it out. since then i have only used jacketed 45 acp and have had no build up of lead. i don't know what kind of lead he used. soft or hard. nor  do i know how well he cleaned his gun after use.  kurt250


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