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Nokose Fixico:
Yeah Don, when they run it thru radiators you have to be careful only way to test it. Yes there are still clowns making it that way. If you get some pour a little on a plate and strike a match to it if it burns blue the shine is true. If it is orange you got ripped off do not drink it but you can use it to clean out drains and such on the farm. I still test mine this way when I can get it.

This all reminds me of a person that I knew who went blind and paralyzed on one side .... t he one time he didn't inspect the still the man used an old used radiator as the condensor ... and he got lead poisoning from the antifreeze and motor metals that had been in suspension and traveled through the radiatior.

I watched as the lead worked out of his system and slowly he became able to use his paralyzed side. You could see it in his fingernails and hair ...

Finally, after months of rehab, he was (miraculously) totally recovered.

I asked him if he was ever going to drink moonshine again .... but his answer startled me  .....

'Hell yes!' He replied, 'But next time I'm gonna look at the still first!'

Nokose Fixico:
All I read was antifreeze and motor metals, that scares me too. I am happy to know he survived it that time.

He was an old guy from the hills and tough as the day is long ... I mean, the initial shock of it would probably have done me in ....*S*

Nokose Fixico:
In all reality It would have done me in too. I consider shine to be sippin stuff.



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