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Walther PPK is 80!

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PJ Hardtack:
Right ... I remember Ian Fleming referring to the "heavy slug" of the PPK hitting one of 007's opponents. I guess compared to the mouse fart .25, it was.
Having once owned a really pristine Mauser HSc 7.65mm (.32), I think I'm better off with my .22 LR PPK ERMA knock off, especially with Hi-Speed HPs.
Hard for me to believe that the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe armed so many men with pop gun pistols in 7.65mm. Cheaper than the 9mm P-08 and P-38s, I guess. Other than the infamous "neck geschuss" of the SS, I can't think of a gun less suited to the needs of a combat soldier. A thick greatcoat would stop the bullet.

Evelyn Canarvon:
Tried one once but no thank you. 

Still much prefer my good old P-08 Luger.

Out of self-loaders my two favourite still remain the above and a 38 super 1911.  Both over a centuary old designs.

PJ Hardtack:
While serving in Germany during the Cold War, I married into a German family. My Deutscher father-in-law was one of the few to escape the encirclement of the 6th Armee at Stalingrad, only to be captured later and sent to a Gulag in Siberia. He wasn't repatriated until 1951, earlier than some.
I used to ask him questions about the weaponry he used as a Panzer Grenadier in the Wehrmacht. When I used the word "Luger", he was baffled. Finally I showed him a picture and he said "Ach, P-'08! Prima pistole." In German, that is pronounced "Pay nuhl ocht", the German term for the gun.
"Luger" is a US term for the gun, with reference to Georg Luger who came up with the design based on the earlier Borchardt.
Stoeger made it famous peddling the Mauser Banner Lugers pre-WWII and the name stuck.

I've got two PPK/S pistols. One is an original German made one with all blue slide and frame. The other is a USA made Walther/S&W one in stainless. I use the latter as one of my carry guns. Makes me feel a little like Bond, James Bond. Love how they shoot.

St. George:
The small autos were issued to Staff Officers - primarily as a badge of rank.

Combat Officers carried the various 9mms - the more senior preferring the P08, with the rest being issued the P38.

The smaller autos were also carried by aircrew - for reasons of compactness - and by the civilian Police of all varieties.

In Europe, the .32 was considered adequate and the .380 powerful.

Scouts Out!



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