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What is your favorite CAS pistol and why?

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I like the Ruger Bisely Vaqueros the most because of the heft and laid back hammer.  I also like the fact that they fill up my hand more than a Colt replica.  That being said I also have a set of Colt replicas for when I feel the itch to shoot something different.

Trapper Tom:
Definitely Curer Vaqueros. I started with a pair of birdsheads in 45LC SS 5 1/2, then switched to a pair of blued 7s.
I now own a pair in each of the following calibers. 45 LC,  38/357, 44-40, and 32H&R. All are SS. Darn cowboy game is like a disease. Actually I'm a gonna view this group as a support group. I need help. ::)

Lawman Mays:
Ruger for their toughness and dependability.


Diggin up Bones  ::)

More bones for da Coffinmaker! I really enjoy my 5" .45 Colt Schofield!



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