Author Topic: Colt’s .36 “Navy Revolver” & The Lesser-Known Tips from Sam Colt Himself  (Read 3033 times)

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 In NCOWS Originals class I shoot a Pietta Navy with a Kirst converter.
38 long colt brass and a heeled bullet that I cast. Works good for my
1875 buffalo hunter personna. Thanks for the article very informative.

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 :)  It has been said, but way too many to count, the Colt pattern 1851 is the most naturally pointing handgun ever made.  Far be it for me to argue that point.  I happen to agree.  The 1851 Colt points better than the venerable 1873 SAA.  Hands down.

Then we come to the more modern made replicants with slightly shorter barrels.  Barrels of 4 3/4 or even 4 inches.  Perhaps even better in balance.  At least for me.  In fact, my preference is 3 3/4 or 4 inches of barrel.  Nirvana. 

Either Percussion or Conversion.  Either iteration is most excellent indeed.  Note:  This opinion is neither put fourth nor endorsed by Management and is expressly the opine of the opinionated author.  Burma Shave

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Thanks Bear Tooth, glad you like it. Coffinmaker, I agree. I find the Navy to be a great point-shoot piece. I know this is basic shooting 101 here but the only time I have ever seen someone struggle was when a modern shooter tried point shoot but was using his fingertip on the trigger. When he adjusted the trigger discipline the same way he would for a Glock and suddenly started getting results he was much happier with.

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