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Banning lever action rifles in Oz .... !!!!

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PJ Hardtack:
What's this rumour about banning lever action rifles in Oz, or restricting them to 5 rds max?

Dakota Dan from OZ:
It is only a rumour, but then again it is Australia  ::)

Dakota Dan  8)

Bunk Stagnerg:
I guess my 1860 Henry with 14 .45 CAS shells is out of the question?
But ain't it fun here in Texas especially loaded with real Gun Powder.
Yr' Obt' Svy'


death of a 1000 cuts, in the interest of "public safety" lever action shotguns (not rifles YET) with a capacity of 5 rounds or less have been reclassified from category A to cat B, over 5 rounds they go to cat D, which is virtually impossible to obtain. this place is truly FUBAR. anyone want to adopt a cranky old aussie?

Ben Beam:
Back in the 90s I knew someone who immigrated to Australia because he was worried about his loss of rights in the US. I wonder how he's feeling these days?


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