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Welcome new member, the Irish Mick
« on: December 30, 2013, 12:57:47 PM »
Well, we had him then technical difficulties on my end took him away from us and now he's back.

Here's a little bio on the new member to our outfit.  His name is Michael O’Dea Montgomery, the  Irish Mick #56.
He currently has a M1842 ( Armi-Sport) .69 that he purchased for his gun shop back in the mid 90’s.  He had Zimmerman of Harpers Ferry de-farb it. (Zimmerman is the best at this sort of thing BTW.) ...and now it looks like the real thing with an 1845 HF plate. He  is no stranger to the black power world and very experienced in this sort of thing.

His own words are best on his background so here it is...

"Mexican War through about 1854 as a Sgt. Co. G, 1st Drags, Also Capt. Abolt’s 7th Infy. This was at Ft. Scott Kansas territory.  Most of my experience has been as an interpretive historian for the NPS, and several state parks.  I started out in 1973 with the newly organized American Mountain men from 1973-1984.  I then applied for a position at the resident dragoon at Bent’s Old fort NHS .  I was their dragoon from 1985-1990.  During the rest of the year I was in charge of the dragoons at Ft Tejon, Cal .  Can’t recall how long I served there.  Probably until I retired from the Gov’t.  I also had my own det. Of dragoons in Cal . , and we were part of the ARMY OF THE WEST.  Most of our events were in New Mexico .  Great fun, but alas all gone now :(
I am now living on my small ranch in the back country north of Camp Verde , Arizona territory.
Fortunately I kept all of my arms, and accoutrements including my well worn Grimsley saddle.  Now I am just a wee bit long in the tooth to be a grizzled old sgt, but I still love doing living history even if it is only by myself.
While serving at Bent’s fort, I learned about, and absolutely fell in love with the history of the Sante Fe trail!  So today I portray an ex cpl. of Col. Sterling Price’s 2nd Mo. Mtd. Vols.  And while researching on the company rosters, I found that there was indeed a Robert C. Montgomery of Capt. Johnson’s Co. O.  Even more interesting Co. O was stationed a Bent’s fort guarding Gov’t stores!!!  I have a large file of gov’t forms of all types including enlistment ,promotion, and discharge forms.  I carry a complete set in my wallet when I am in the field.  Sure adds to the feeling of authencity   BTW I am totally alone in my endeavor, but that’s OK.  This is what I am currently up to.  I  just got a position as a guide for the QM Dept guiding Gov’t trains from Ft. Leavenworth to Ft. Marcy overlooking SF. ( it’s still there)   
My gear is a mixture of some leftover dragoon items, and civilian items.  I carry an original M1841 rifle ( with a custom bbl made by the late Bill Large for me in about 1970)  Robins Kendall & Lawrence,1847.  Also a ‘common holster’ pistol, more commonly know as a M1842   plus all of the gear that I regularly use in the out back country near my place.  In fact I can either go in on foot of drive a little over a mile.  I do considerable shooting, and all of my arms, with the exception of the M1842 are original.  I still have a few Hall’s patent carbines, one of which I shoot.  All arms fired with paper ctgs.  That is what I do in the winter!
Well now you know my whole history, and I do indeed enjoying sharing my expertise with other of like mind.    Since I don’t see people unless I go to town most of my time is spent doing research.  Needless to say I have an extensive research library put together over the past forty (40) years.
Sorry for rambling on so, but as I stated to you, I don’t see people very often, and I do so enjoy talking people with like interests."

I look forward to his contributions.

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