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Sydney (and surrounds) based clubs


Hiya guys,

I'm looking at starting out in CAS in the Sydney area.

I've shortlisted 2 clubs - Bowral and Blacktown Pistol Clubs, which are about the same distance from home.

Does anyone have any views on which of the clubs support CAS more? I've heard from another CAS guy that Bowral is quite good but I haven't heard much about Blacktown.

I've been to Blacktown to see some IPSC so not CAS-related and I'll be having a look at Bowral in the next few weeks.


 ;D Gooc Morning Ben.

Try the link below, it's got all the info and contacts you should kneed. Blacktown are a great mob, I suppose it a matter where you live and how long you want to travel. Here in Canberra, we have 2.

John ::)

Peg a message to me at and I will give you young Squint's phone number. He's the fastest Barber in the South!


Highwayman Poe:
Hey guys,

Any new contacts for local clubs?

I am penrith based and looking to get into cas / sas


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