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Old Photos of Henry Rifles New Pic 11.18.

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Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Here is a photo from the old days in British Columbia.  Judge Begbie was the first judge in 1858 and sat until a month and a half before his death in 1894. He  held a similar role to Judge Parker in the Indian Territories.  Here he is with a group ??(while on court circuit.)??  Begbie is the bearded gentleman in tall boots sitting on the right. The fellow with the bowler in the center holds a Henry.  I see at least two ML SxS shotguns.

PS:  I looked up the archival source.  The photo appears to be reversed in the book I scanned.  The photo is titled "A group of colonial officials at rest during hunting..." at Grouse Creek.  About 1870.  The one with the Henry is Governor Frederick Seymour.

PPS:  To narrow it down further, Seymour succeeded Sir James Douglas a Governor in 1864.  He died in June of 1869.


P.S; 29Jan11;  I found further info on this photo.  It was taken in The Cariboo during "The Grouse Creek War" in 1867, specifically, early in August. There was a public "meeting" in Richfield, now known as Barkerville, concerning an appeal to Judge Begbie over a disputed mining claim.  Ironically the cases was decided against a party who had lobbied for a chage in the Gold Fields Act that now acted to his detriment. The threatened breach of the Queen's Peace was averted. 

Fox Creek Kid:
The soldier in the 8th photo w/ the Henry is Lt. Fred Beecher whom the infamous Battle of Beecher Island is named for.  ;)

Thanks for the pic, Sir Charles .

The problem is, when i search for pics with an Henry, i find out that most of these Henrys are 'Improved Henry Rifles'.
Like this one.
 First-Red-Feather-of-the-Wing,Nez Perce with Henry Rifle

But it is an 'Improved Henry'.
When you read the books of James Willard Schultz or Finn Burnett, they  call an Improved Henry never a Winchester 66.
They wrote:.... he had a Henry Rifle. But what kind of a Henry?


Loophole LaRue:

Nice pics....

A little surprising to see how many of these, according to the position of the followers, are....empty.


Major 2:
Here is one and close up


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