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How Old is your Oldest Gun you have ?

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Dakota Dan from OZ:

I own two rifles.The first is a Marlin Safety made in 1895 in 44-40 (Great gun) The second is a Colt Lightning made in 1890 and it's in 44-40 too. 8)

The Marlin I use quite regularly at Cowboy matches.

I think that I'm very lucky to own these guns that are from an era with which our sport and history comes from. ;D.The rest of my guns are all from the 1990's.

Dakota  8)

We have a Winchester 1892 in 25.20 that belonged to Miz Annie's dad and was made in 1903, has always been in the family.
It is a great shooter and we have both shot it in matches.

Our 97s were made in 1899 and 1905, both still shooting.

Querida Kate:
Well, my 10th anniversary present was an original Winchester 1887 - made in 1888.

Does that count?   ;D

(Yes - I do shoot it occassionally - just not well!) 


Wallaby Jack:
Yes Miss Kate, it do ........  :-*

I got a Colt Lightning early model, dated September 1885, serial # is just under 12,000 (44-40)  :)

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Swedish Husqvarna rolling block military rifle made in 1867. Yes I will be shooting it.  Have the cases & dies (.50-70, but close to 12.7 x 44R) have to slug the barrel before getting a mould.

I am already shooting my Snider MkIII of 1871 and Argentine rolling block of 1879.

My apologies Mate,  But I figured Canada was close enough to the Aunty-Podes, at least for this topic.

Fellow Cowboy of the Empire


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