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The Longbranch / Re: RED Flag
« Last post by Baltimore Ed on Today at 10:53:17 AM »
A little paranoia and skepticism is a good thing. I don’t belong to the book of faces either. Now where did I put my tinfoil hat?
1911 & Wild Bunch Shooting / Re: Recommendations for a better 1911
« Last post by Doc Holloman on Today at 10:15:19 AM »
Thanks to everyone for their advice.  I decided to stick with my Springfield Garrison and have it tuned up. 
The Barracks / Re: Reaching out to Baltimore Ed
« Last post by Baltimore Ed on Today at 09:34:00 AM »
Thanks for asking Roger. I was doing ok until the stupid storm that wasn’t a hurricane blew down the neighbors pine and pulled my power stuff off the house. Called generac service and the guy is wrestling with it now but I’ll have to contact the county Monday for an inspection and then I can get reconnected. Otherwise I’m still working part time at the Food Lion, building my toys and shooting matches when I can. My cas club cancelled our monthly yesterday because of the darn storm. Health is hanging in there. Here’s my latest build. A 1942 No1 MkIII Dispersal rifle minus 5 inches of barrel and wood.
Shooter's Meeting / Rifle sling
« Last post by Froogal on Today at 09:05:25 AM »
I am finding it to be more difficult to carry my rifle in the correct and safe manner while walking to and from the shooting area. Would it be acceptable to install a sling on the rifle so as to carry it on my back, but still pointed up with the action open? Naturally the sling would be removed when actually shooting.
Bird Cage Theatre ( Videos ) / Re: There Is No Smoke Without Fire
« Last post by Tame Bill on Today at 08:41:35 AM »
Thank you!
Books & Movies / Re: Good Read
« Last post by Bims on Today at 05:14:55 AM »
I'm a fairly frequent reader and could offer a lot of advice, but I'm still convinced that finding books on your own is an important part of the process. But I have a counter question for you. Why are there so few pictures in books (Especially by modern writers). I recently read a book about musicians 2000 . Not a single picture. Not one. Even though the book was written in 2013 or something. Is it hard to get even free images ?
Books & Movies / Re: "All Quiet On The Western Front"
« Last post by Bims on Today at 05:09:48 AM »
Strong movie. Watched and re-watched it with pleasure.
Gunsmithing / Re: Making stag grips
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Yesterday at 11:46:28 PM »
Elk antler is so porus it is quite a challenge . I make knife handles from deer and stag antler and made some grips for a rem 1858 from stag. They were small enough and thin enough as two slabs to be similar to knife handles.
I have never done anything as big as a one piece SAA grip or a S&W  N frame target grip. My bigest knife handle grips were all blind stick tang drilled into the antler so movement has not been an issue.

I have heard that some folks “heat and flatten” in order to get a large piece. But Once you cut a slab from an antler you open yourself up to movement.

A lot of folks make a rough slan then stabalize it with a lot of superglue, resin or epoxy. There is a new one ingrediant expoxy that is cured by UV lamps, this holds some interesting promise since you can give it time to soak in before curing it.

When i cut, sand or polish any horn or antler I use bentilation (it stinks) and ALWAYS wear a quality respirator like this

An N-95 mask is not enough.

I usually polish on an 8 inch cloth wheel on a grinder, using red rouge and mild pressure. You can burn the antler so be carefull.

Oh, and if you work it after stabalizing, the glue will emit vapors also.

Hope this helps

Prof marvel

NCOWS / Re: Etsy badge
« Last post by RRio on Yesterday at 10:46:10 PM »
SCORRS / Re: 1875 Remington Outlaw
« Last post by Abilene on Yesterday at 10:42:40 PM »
I don't remember seeing this the first time through.  Yeah, kind of a head scratcher - I'd like to know the outcome, too! 
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