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Udate on my New 1894 Marlin in 44 mag.

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Buckaroo Lou:
I have been waiting for Ruger to release the new 1894 Marlin and my LGS friend called me and told me they had just got one in. I went over to see and the thing follwed me home. I haven't been to the range yet but if it shoots as good as it looks it will be an awesome little rifle.

Looks really nice. We need a range report!

Baltimore Ed:
Looks good. Hopefully it runs as good as it looks.


Johnson Barr:
So.. how many Ruger-Marlin parts interchange with original 1894 Marlins?

That is a nice looking rifle. I like the wood stock. I am very tempted to get one but I don't have anything in .44 Mag and I'm not sure I want another caliber. If they made a run of .44-40 and put a metal butt plate on it I'd get one for sure.


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