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Anyone need 45-90 Dies?


Hey all,
I have done some horse trading and in the box of items I got were some 45-90 dies.   I have no need for these, so looking to see if someone else needs them.    Good price, on them.    PM me if interested.   Offering them here first before going to the classifieds. 


I'd have bought them if I'd had the sense to buy the 1886 Winchester from Acher Arms for $900 back in 1986.  Still regret not coming up with the money somehow.  Of course, now I just have to make do with one in .45-70.  Woe is me..........


I was that way with some original trapdoors in 1990.  They had gone to Argentina and back.   Still packed in the cosmoline.   They had a bargain price.   Unfortunately at that point I was working 2 jobs putting wife through college and graduate school.   


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