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A long shot I know... here is the why! now added.

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Major 2:
Does anyone know what this insignia of the WW 1 Lafayette Escadrille is?

Whiskey Double:
In the 2006 movie "Fly Boys" that double R insignia was on Rollins plane and it stood for Rawlins Ranch because he is the Texan that the family lost their ranch to foreclosure. But that movie was not the most accurate movie bar fax.

Major 2:
Thank you...you put me on the right answer !

Here is the why I asked ...

I was passed down an antique metal Biplane. I want to know why how it was so marked.
 It is perhaps 60 some years old.
The Gent told me he had received as a Christmas gift about 1963, he asked "Please hang it in your den,"

It is a stylized model of a French Nieuport 17C with wingspan of 20".
He at some point saw " Flyboys" and like the plane.
So, he detailed it some after the Rowlins "hero" plane some time in 2006.

I am honored he thought of me, and when it's hung in the man cave Ill post a photo.
 RIP may old friend...


Whiskey Double:
I enjoyed watching the movie also. Glad I could help out, rare that I know something LOL. And yes that's a cool plane look forward to seeing the pictures, your friend must have thought a lot of you.

Major 2:
I saw it when it came out on DVD I think....
  I watched it again this morning.


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