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Nebraska Muster

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Got a date?

ira scott:
Should be the 15th of October, the first Saturday after our last monthly Cowboy Shoot.

I'm sure Jack will confirm,  B.N. Scotty

I thought it was supposed to be the 21st, but as you said, Jack will fill us in.


ira scott:
The GAF Shoot has historically been the Saturday after the last BRR Cowboy Shoot, which is the second Sunday of the month. This year the 1st of October is Sunday, so the 2nd Sunday is the 8th. 

99% sure the Muster will be Saturday October 14th

B.N. Scotty

Quick Fire:
Ned, Scotty is correct. I told you wrong because it usually is the 3rd Saturday but not this year. Sorry about the confusion . October 14 is the Nebraska  muster


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