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1881 mid range rear sight

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Whiskey Double:
I have a 1881 ( made 1883) in 45 Gov't  looking for a ladder barrel sight or tang sight, preferably vernier.  Can anyone help?



The Shaver sight lists the base as for Marlin/Ballard. My previous post shows the same base mounted on my '81 and the bolt clearance issue. I doubt the base could be flipped 180 and still have the stem upright and in the detent. If one wanted to drill a new hole and thread it and counter bore for a longer tang screw it may work, maybe not wise on a nice original rifle.


You call Lee and he sets it up the way you want.

Whiskey Double:
I called and talked to her , she went through all the records and didn't have anything for a 1881. Took my info and is going to have Lee call me. Thanks Drydock. Trying to get it ready for Jerry's buffalo shoot.



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