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FWIW: the Quartermaster Shop is shutting down

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Got some good stuff from them over the years.  Another sutler gone.  Last orders by July 1.

Bummer!  I got my Marine fatigue shirt there.

Major 2:
Back in my reenacting days, George Lomas was at just about every major event in sutler row.
 I first met him at Olustee in 82 or 83 I guess... Lomas Bros. must stop shop.


My 1899 US army uniform came from them.
Sad to hear they are done. :'(

Guns Garrett:
So...that leaves us with WHO? for repro uniforms BEFORE Span-Am War?  Who else makes a 1872/1881 Mounted Dress Coat?  The site known as "USHist" seems to be about to go under, as well.  - Yes, I am looking towards possibly attending next year's Muster...maybe.   I have the 1881 Field uniform - but would like to play "dress up" as well....


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